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Call The Best Breakdown Towing Services In Florida

Breakdown towing services can be very helpful and may come in handy for people who travel a lot of people who are into a business that involves a lot of traveling. There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing a car breakdown down in the middle of the road.

We provide 24/7 breakdown towing services, servicing all of them in Florida. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will endeavor to get to you at the quickest time possible to assist you in your circumstances. We take care in providing you excellent service at an affordable price. Give us a call to get a quote to tow your vehicle to your preferred location.

The other kind of breakdown is roadside assistance, which our company offers. Our roadside assistance includes services like jump start, assistance with replacing your flat tire, or assisting you when your car is bogged.

With the right breakdown towing service you can easily recover the vehicle within the shortest time possible. Alex Towing offers great breakdown towing services in Florida with the best possible help. How would you know which is the right company? Well, here are some of the very few things to consider when you are looking for a good quality towing company.

1. Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are a great way to see how good a company truly is. However, when you read reviews, we don’t want you to do it blindly. When you have time, go through the reviews to get a real idea about the company you’re thinking of contacting.

Sometimes, companies do inflate their good reviews. So if you are basing your decision on reviews, do take them with a grain of salt. When you look closely, you can sometimes identify fake reviews presented online. Genuine reviews usually include specific details and descriptions. This will also give you have a better idea of how reliable and honest the company really is.

Another tip, read the response from the owner. A professional towing business owner always takes time to respond to their reviews. You can see the character of the owner, by taking into consideration that he took the time to respond to each review uniquely. The response is personalized to each reviewer, base don their experience and not just a generic standard response.  Sometimes customers are prepared to pay extra for a towing company that provides excellent service, especially

2. Services

Firstly, don’t assume that all towing companies offer the same services. Do you own due diligence and find out what services are included and if it meets your needs. Make sure the company you’re looking at is able to attend to your needs. Some tow truck operators may only specialize in car removal services and roadside assistance, whilst others may purely focus on recovery and heavy transportation.

Some common towing services include accident towing, breakdown towing, roadside assistance, vehicle transfers, light commercial equipment transportation, vehicle recovery towing services, heavy vehicle towing and so on. For this very reason, you should make it a point to duly study the service list so that you have a clear picture of what they are able to offer.

3. Pricing

Tow truck companies know that the majority of their calls are from customers who are in urgent need of assistance.  Take a few minutes to check around for the best rates. Be sure to ask the tow truck company for a quote before you book the job.

Good tow truck operators are open and transparent with their pricing. But it’s important to know that additional charges may incur for example in situations where you do not have the keys to the car and the steering is in a lock position, or your car is located in a multi-level car park where your tow truck is not able to gain access due to vehicle height restrictions, etc.

You should provide the tow truck driver as much information as possible so that you can get a more accurate quote. This way you avoid any surprises when it’s time to pay the tow truck company.

Not all of us can afford to pay whatever a towing company quotes. You can shop around and get a few quotes, so you know which towing company can provide you with a combination of great quality towing services and a low affordable price.