Easy And Rapidly We Get It There

Operating any type of business is not always easy, but Alex Towing can help put. We have several tow trucks ready to handle all of your company’s heavy-duty

Towing Contractor For Mechanical Workshops, Industrial & Commercial Companies, Corporate & Fleet Cars

Alex Towing currently works as a contractor for several mechanical workshops which include panel beaters, car yards, and more.

You Need Commercial Towing, Call Alex Towing For Reliable And Affordable Commercial Towing.

Please feel free to contact 813-666-6662 to see how we can work with you in providing a professional and reliable towing service to you & your clients when you need to get a vehicle towed to or from your workshop.

We can offer our Alex towing using our Tilt Tray tow truck to:

  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Panel Beaters & Spray Painters
  • Corporate Taxis
  • Private Chauffeurs
  • Corporate Fleets Cars
  • Car Yard owners & operators
  • Car Hire Companies
  • Fast Food Delivery Vehicles (not vans or trucks)
  • Trade Vehicles – Plumbers, Electrical Contractors, Pest Control, etc
  • Commercial & Industrial Companies – light commercial equipment & machinery transfers